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For those who don’t know me – I suppose you would put me in the box marked “Conservative” – although I prefer to simply think of myself as human.  I don’t “fit” any real “political box”.  Perhaps “moderate” is closer.  Anyway, I digress.

When you step on the stage of “national television” and divulge information through that medium that could give enemies of this country valuable intel with regards to this nation’s response time to a given type of attack – you have violated OPSEC, (That’s OPerational SECurity – for those who don’t have a government/military background).  When you have already been accused (on multiple occasions) of being “careless” with national security – and you STILL do this?  In front of millions of viewers – both nationally and internationally?  You have provided proof – beyond all reasonable doubt – that you are NOT FIT to hold the office of POTUS/CIC.

Just my two cents – as a veteran and a veteran IT professional in the areas of software/hardware/network security and OPSEC.

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