The New (old) Military Transgender Policy

I will probably lose a large number of people from my “friends list” but – here goes:

Total Active Duty Military (all branches): 1,281,900 (2017 estimates)
Total Reserve members (all branches): 801,200 (2017 estimates)

Total Military Population: 2,083,100

Number of Trans personnel (all branches and reserves): 15,000 (This number is the highest estimate I can find anywhere)

That means that less than 1% (.7% approx.) of this nation’s current military “identifies” as “trans”.

When you join the military – you are told (in no uncertain terms) that you will conform to MILITARY standards. The military does NOT conform to YOUR standards. Our military (unlike some countries) is an ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY. If you cannot – for whatever reason – meet/conform to military standards, then you are not allowed to join (or you are discharged from service).

All these people who are (once again) claiming that the sky is falling because of the “non-trans” standard that the Commander-in-Chief has put forth need to take a breath. The military is NOT a social experiment. It is NOT a country club. It is NOT there to conform to YOUR wants and needs. It is the first and last line of defense for this nation and its people.

Meet the standards and enlist. Don’t meet the standards – find a different place to serve this great nation (if you feel that is what your are lead to do). Peace Corps (for example). Working with the homeless and under-privileged (another example).

I know a very LARGE number of people that WANTED to serve – but for one reason or another could NOT serve – because they could not meet the standards. They have found other ways to serve. Many work WITH Veterans and Veteran Organizations to help those who have served. Some were able to join local police and fire departments – because they COULD meet THOSE standards. If you truly wish to SERVE – you will find a place and a way to do so.

Unless the only thing your REALLY want to do is “stir the pot” and be useless…

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