Not Rocket Science – Part Deux

In one of my previous articles – “Some things should, simply, NOT BE ROCKET SCIENCE!” – I described the “controversy” surrounding the burial of my grandmother.  After my second trip to Vermont (due to some mis-communications/misunderstandings of timelines)- she is still not where she should be. It is nearly 9 months since she passed.  My family have all spent, literally, hundreds of dollars and countless hours travelling in order to lay my grandmother to rest along side her husband and two of her children.  

It looks, now, like this may finally occur.  My uncle (who stayed up north after making his third trip across country) has spoken with the Sexton of the Cemetery this morning.  According to him – the vault company has said that they can do all the work required beginning this Sunday (17 Sep 2017).  Given that she passed on 30 Dec 2016 – it will be nearly 9 months.  However, this “work” is contingent on good weather.  Excessive rain (which is possible) would, again, postpone this event.  So – here I sit – fervently praying for dry weather in the village of Warren, VT.

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