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Because I am seeing SO much in my feed that is complete, over-the-top, conspiracy theory – let me just throw a few things out there:

1) Our current POTUS did not design/implement the Presidential Alert system that was tested yesterday.
“Wednesday’s alert by FEMA tests what is now known as IPAWS, an acronym that has nothing to do with the perky dog mascot of days yore. The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System represents both the familiar Emergency Alert System, for TV and radio, and the recent addition of the Wireless Emergency Alerts System, added during George W. Bush’s administration as a recognition that cell phones now represent the quickest way to reach the majority of Americans.”

2) The system had never been tested at that threshold before (75% capacity) – so this test NEEDED to occur (and they did find issues with it).

3) It can only be utilized by the office of the President or his duly appointed representative. (Hence all the “Coming from the White House/Coming from the President” headlines)

4) This has NOTHING to do with “the President doesn’t trust the news channels” – this system has been in place LONG before our current POTUS. (See item number 1 above)

5) The POTUS (or his representative) can’t just “send tweets”, etc. through this system. It has a pre-programmed SET of messages that it is capable of sending. Some are “fill in the blanks” style – and some are like the one received yesterday (completely pre-programmed). All the messages have been designed and approved by multiple government agencies for their use. Let me stress again – THE SYSTEM IS NOT CAPABLE of random/free-form messages being sent out. It is NOT a “personal Presidential Twitter”!

For those who would REALLY like to know how this thing evolved – here’s a decent article to start with:


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