The “Reproduction War”

“Reproduction – noun – the production of offspring by a sexual or asexual process. “

So – by definition of the word – “Reproductive Rights” are, basically, the “right” to have sex. Last time I checked – no one is making laws to stop women from having sex – especially for the purpose of reproduction. What some ARE doing, however, are introducing laws to stop/limit people from terminating the natural result of “reproduction” – the gestation and birth of another human being.

When two people engage in the reproductive act (sex) – they know that there is the inherent chance that a pregnancy will occur. They know that no precaution (other than abstinence) is 100% successful in preventing conception. Those that are not trying to conceive a child are “willing to risk it” – and play the odds that a child will not be the result of their action.

Sometimes, the “odds are not in their favor”. But, they are consenting adults – and they knew the risks – and they did it anyway. Now, they have a responsibility to the life they have created. However, our society shuns the term “responsibility” – especially where it relates to the core family.

So let’s provide an “easy way out” – just “do away with” “it”. We’ll define the gestating child as a “lump of cells” to make it easier to end that life.

Pro-life legislation has nothing to do with stopping “women’s health” or “women’s reproductive rights” – and has EVERYTHING to do with stopping the needless slaughter of children whose biological creators do not want to take responsibility for exercising their “reproductive rights”.

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