So – Social Media “Experts” say…

This little ditty is bouncing around social media now:

“He suggested Finland stops forest fires by raking.
He suggested windmill noise causes cancer.
He suggested stopping a hurricane with a nuclear bomb.
He suggested curing Covid-19 with strong blasts of UV and disinfectant injections.”

So I decided to dissect if a bit:

1) The “Raking”: No – he was not talking about “traditional hand held rakes” – he was talking about things like THIS: {ARTICLE}
2) Windmill noise causes cancer: In actuality – the phrase he used was “… they say it causes cancer …” He never said he believed it – he said “they say”. And there are numerous articles about the detrimental effect of low frequency sound waves on the human body – some that have been disproved – some that have not – but of course, that view doesn’t align with the “mainstream” folks. So yes – by all means – let’s take someone saying “they say…” and make it THEIR outlook… On that standard – the next time ANYONE says ANYTHING that starts with “they say” – please interpret it as their personal outlook.
3) Hurricane Bombing: What we have here is some “leaked memo” from “someone” that “says” that he asked about bombing hurricanes. He has vehemently denied ever saying/asking about “nuking” a hurricane. So – unless there is someone willing to go on record as having actually heard him say that – that “evidence” doesn’t even BEGIN to hold water. I am waiting – patiently – for the POTUS to put out some “sounds like a great sound byte for the media” news in a briefing – then have the media get it. Why? Because then he will know – this group of people contains “the leaker”.
4) UV/Disinfectants: We already have UV treatments for other ailments {ARTICLE} – so while the question wasn’t as “traditional thinking” as some folks understand it – is it wrong? Many years ago – we used freakin’ leeches to “remove impurities from the blood. Science develops. Disinfectants come in many forms – not just the two discussed in the briefing. Let’s look at this – we are intubating folks in some of the worst cases of this virus. Why? Because it attacks the lungs so we are trying to get more oxygen into their system – BY STICKING A TUBE DOWN INTO THE LUNGS. If there was a way to get a “disinfectant” treatment directly applied to the infected area – wouldn’t that be better than “let it run its course and hope they survive”? Yeah – I know – not “traditional thinking” – but is it really dumb?

So – at the end of the day – it’s just more of the same. I, literally, believe that if the POTUS found a cure for cancer – “those across the aisle” would be dead set against it and find any way they cold to stop it.

Never in my 55 years of life – have I seen a President more maligned and attacked than Donald Trump. And through it all – he keeps right on working for the American People.

As one friend of mine said, “He makes it so easy. And seriously, I’d give him more breaks if I thought he had the country’s best interest at heart. I don’t think he does. I’ve been watching him since the 80’s. I’ve always thought he was a dirt bag.”

So, Two Things:

1) Are you the same person you were 20 years ago? Or 40 years ago? And THAT is what you are going to use as a foundation for your BIAS? By that standard – he and I should not be friends. I can guarantee if he had known me in my 20’s – he would have wanted NOTHING to do with me. But, we didn’t meet until I was in my mid-30’s – and even then, it wasn’t until he ACTUALLY got to KNOW me that we became friends.

2) You don’t think he has the best interest of the country at heart? Prior to this virus – we had the strongest economy this country (I dare say) has ever seen. Lowest unemployment in literally DECADES. We were energy independent. WE had become one of the largest suppliers of oil in the world. He had – at least – stabilized the North Korea “problem”. And this list goes ON. And he got us to that point – in 3.5 YEARS! All while undergoing multiple investigations/mud slinging/leaks/spying/etc. Imagine how much COULD have been accomplished had he NOT had to deal with the constant “resistance” from those that “just don’t like him because…reasons…”

So – let me ask THIS question: Do you honest think that these CAREER POLITICIANS have “the best interest of the country at heart”? You know – the ones that are constantly badgering, berating, harassing, haranguing, and “resisting” the POTUS. The ones that have been “in office” for 15/20/30+ years? Do you think THEY do? Do you think the MSM has the “best interest of this country at heart”? Do you?

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