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This was a post I made on Facebook back in 2019 – reposting here to “save it” from being rolled into oblivion by the SJWs in charge of FaceBook:


OK – So – I guess I am overdue for a post that will “cost me Facebook Friends”…

I am a Caucasian, heterosexual, middle aged (Gah! THAT was painful to say), Christian, Military Veteran, male,

Because of all these things – according to SJWs, the MSM, and Social Media – I am perhaps the most evil, vile, disgusting creature on the planet. According to these same sources – I am NOT ‘entitled’ to have an opinion on multiple subjects – or my opinion simply doesn’t matter (even though – because of my skin tone – I am supposed to be “privileged”).

At this point – I’ve had my fill of being told to remain silent because of who/what I am.

1) I believe in the G-d given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
CAVEAT: However – these rights end at the border of infringing on someone else.

“Your right to throw a punch ends at the tip of MY nose”

2) I believe in the right to free speech and expression.
CAVEAT: This right comes with the understanding that if you misuse it (like yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater) – you will need to suffer the RESULTS of exercising that “right” in a manner that jeopardizes other lives.

3) I believe that every US citizen has the right to “keep and bear arms”.
CAVEAT: If your exercise of this right unjustly ends the lives of others (ex. You walk up an shoot someone because you are mad at them.) – then you are not CAPABLE of self control/discipline. At that point you are a danger to yourself and others – and should be removed from society. I, also, believe that if you are going to exercise this right – you should fully understand how to operate, use, and maintain those “arms” properly and accurately.

NOTE: Here comes the HOT BUTTON topic of the last few days.

4) I believe that life begins at conception.
CAVEAT: I, also, believe that the responsibility for that new life is squarely on the shoulders of the TWO people involved in creating it. (Just HUSH – I will get into the rape/incest/whatever discussion in a moment). I, also, believe that if these two people cannot/will not care for this new life they have created – then that new life should be placed with people that WILL.
ADDITIONAL CAVEAT: I believe that this process (adoption) should be handled at minimal cost – not the exorbitant fees and process bureaucracy hat exists today.
ADDITIONAL ADDITIONAL CAVEAT: If the new life is the result of rape/incest/other dire circumstance – and the mother of this new life cannot live with prospect of a pregnancy/child birth – even for the purpose giving the child up (to a much reformed system – see ADDITIONAL CAVEAT above) – then the decision to terminate that life rests with her, her attending physicians, and any Higher Power (or lack thereof) that she ascribes to.

As a person who lived through an extremely dysfunctional family/childhood – who lived through DCF/foster system involvement – who eventually ended up with a loving foster mom – and then was placed back in the dysfunctional family – and then with a loving family member who raised him through his mid-late teenage years (This tale is long, convoluted, and will not be published here). I can speak with some authority on how SCREWED the state run foster care system is (across multiple states).

As an adoptive parent – I can speak to the levels of bureaucratic horse hockey, money, and time necessary to adopt a child. It took nearly 1.5 years, multiple lawyer/DCF visits, multiple court visits, etc. to simply adopt the child of a woman I was already MARRIED to.

As a man who was injured in an accident – and informed by multiple doctors that I would likely never be able to father any children of my own – (read as a 1 in 1,000,000 chance) – only to have his wife (at the time) tell him that she had aborted a child (of his) without his knowledge or even discussing the matter until after the fact – because it would have been INCONVENIENT for her to have a child at that phase of her career. I can speak – at some level – to the mental/emotional impact of the “loss of a child you never really had”. (Later in life – it turned out the doctors were wrong – as I was able to father two sons – but at the time, from all I had been told, it was a 1 in a million shot).

Having a number of friends/family/etc. who have had abortions – I have talked with/listened to their stories. I do not sit in judgement of them – I am a person they can come to “talk through” the mental/emotional trauma it induced. I, also, know people who have used abortion as a means of “contraception” – one such has had more than 3 abortions – because she “just can’t be bothered with a child right now” (her words). Once she found out how “I” felt on the subject – she basically decided we could “not be friends” and “walked out of my world”.

At the end of the day – this is me. I have many MORE opinions on many MORE subjects – but this is probably enough for today.

If you are going to respond to this post – and all you want to do is tell me how “wrong”, “bigoted”, “privileged”, etc. I am – or to tell me I have no right to voice an opinion on these and other subjects – for whatever SJW reason…. You can probably count on the fact that I WILL delete your post – so – don’t waste the time it takes to type it.

“MY wall, MY rules.”

Civil discourse is always welcome.

{Now returning you to your regularly scheduled posts of amusing kitties, memes, and Social Media propaganda}

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