Memorial Days

Francis (Skip) Mackey – 10 JUL 1982 – (Combat Engineer)
Cindy Beaudoin – 28 FEB 1991 – (Medic)
James H. Sylvia – 05 FEB 1991 – (Marine – He was the stepbrother of a good friend. He volunteered to be shipped out so that a married man didn’t have to be.)


 I have participated in 27 Military Funeral Squads –

Of those:

20 as Rifleman
4 as Flag Folder
3 as Squad Leader

Rifles used:
18 with M16
2 with M1

Of the flags folded:
Presented 2 to the next of kin

Of the 27:
1 for CMH recipient
5 for Purple Heart recipients

Of the 27:
I have buried members of 4 of the 5 branches
I have 1 shell from each funeral squad that I have ever been involved in.

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