Life in these “United States”

{I am not a big “put it in a video guy” – but I can TYPE like nobody’s business!}

Enough is enough already!

If someone can show me in the Constitution where people were granted the right to “not be offended” – then please do so. Other than that – “shut yer dang pie-holes” about all the things that offend you and get on with living.

The only thing that truly offends me is this “Nation of The Perpetually Offended” that we have become.

1) Don’t like a flag – don’t look at it.
2) Don’t like a monument/street name/building name – don’t go there.
3) Don’t like a particular gender/sexual orientation/race/blather/blather – don’t associate with them.
4) If you have to add a “hyphen American” to whatever you call yourself – then please go to/go back to whatever country/continent that precedes the hyphen.

People who look at me – would say – “O, he’s just another white guy spouting off at the mouth…”

I am not “white” – I’m not even “beige” or “taupe”.

I CAN tell you that after serving in the military for 12 years, alongside a plethora of races/creeds/colors/orientations(both real and imagined) – I am one thing… One PO’d veteran.

If someone had to “give me a color” – then my color is GREEN. I was “green” when I joined the military and I am just as “green” today.

Everyone has SOMETHING (and for some folks – a whole BUNCH of things) that “offends” them.

I am offended by:

1) Watching my brothers/sisters-in-arms return home and become homeless or suicidal (or both)
2) Our Government – from the Fed all the way down to local – for pandering to The Perpetually Offended
3) The humorless – if you have no sense of humor and cannot laugh at both yourself and others – please – do us all a favor and find some hole to hide in where you cannot infect the rest of us.
4) The lack of “honest to goodness people” in this world… There are “some” still left – but they are a dying breed.
5) Kids who graduate high school not knowing how to write their own name in cursive, make basic change without a computer, who can’t spell “Queer” without looking it up, and who couldn’t tell you who George Wallace was if they tripped over a STATUE of him.
6) By people who will rally to nearly any “cause” so that they can be “even MORE perpetually offended.”
7) By people who will burn/stomp on/otherwise desecrate the symbol of this nation (and by extension – it’s people).
8 ) By the “system” that says that burning/desecrating/etc. the symbol for this nation is a “protected act” – as “free speech”
9) By people who make every horrible event in life into some political/cause agenda.
10) By people who think we need to change everything in the country to cater to The Perpetually Offended minority of the populace.

So – now y’all can feel free to unfriend, delete, unfollow, or whatever other “social media punishment” you can contrive for me… At this point – I could give a rip…

MY rules are simple:
1) If you respect me – I respect you.
2) If you hurt me or mine – there will be consequences and you WON’T like them.
3) I may not always agree with you/your thoughts/your choices/etc. – but I would lay my life on the line to protect your right to have them. Would you do the same for me? If so – then please stick around. If not – then please bugger off.
4) If you can’t have a civil conversation – without name calling, etc – then please, don’t talk to me, because I probably don’t want to talk to you anyway.
5) Your religion (or lack thereof) is yours – Mine is MINE. I won’t thump you – you don’t thump me. If you want to “compare notes” – I’ll do that all day long with you.
6) If you want to know how I feel about something – ask. I am fairly an open book. If you aren’t really sure you want to know – don’t ask!

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